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Over the last few months the TPPA has gone from zero public awareness to huge public outrage and that is thanks to people like you:

Here’s a glimpse of what ActionStation members have already achieved together or if you like you can watch this video here:

  • We’ve exposed the TPPA to the public through a short animated video we helped crowdfund in partnership with SumOfUs, GetUp!, Global Trade Watch and Public Citizen that has now been watched more than 500,000 times
  • We helped support It’s Our Future and TPPA grassroots organisers promote their Days of Action that saw more than 25,000 Kiwis take to the streets in 21 high streets and town centres nationwide to spread the word about the dangerous deal. 
  • We’ve added pressure to decision makers by joining petition numbers with our allies and delivering it to Parliament -- totalling to more than 100,000 signatures! 
  • We’ve ensured our MPs – have felt the heat around important votes. Thousands of us have called, emailed and tweeted our MPs.
  • We’ve exposed TPPA to even more people by crowdfunding radio ads that played across 140 radio stations nationwide. 
  • We crowdfunded two full-page newspaper ads in opposition to the TPPA: one in Maui targeting negotiating Trade Ministers and one in the Dominion Post.

All this in less than a year.

Imagine what we can do together, with a few more resources, over the next few months in the lead up to the potential signing of the TPPA in November.

We need to build our movement and we need to get prepared. That’s why we’re asking you to join the TPPA fighting fund today.

Please chip in what you can today:

The great news is that for every dollar you give to the TPPA fighting fund today, our sister organisation Campact in Germany will match it dollar for dollar. Our German friends are in a similar battle to stop TTIP and they recognise that if the TPPA goes through it’ll make their fight that much harder. That’s why they’ve offered to help.

What this means is that if you sign up today to donate $20 your gift will actually be $40. If you sign up to give $100 it will become $200. If you chip in $1000 it’ll be $2000!

Every single dollar that you donate to the TPPA fighting fund over the next month will be doubled.

Please chip in what you can today:

Thanks in advance,


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