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Thank you so much for chipping in! Please use the share buttons to encourage your friends and whānau to chip in too OR read on to see how you can get even more involved in our election campaign:

This June and July, we’re organising for people all over the country to come together, share some food and talk about their dreams and aspirations for Aotearoa New Zealand. These conversations will then feed into our larger project to develop the ‘People’s Agenda’ a crowdsourced vision and plan for the future of our country.  But more about that later.

Our immediate aim is to have 500 people-powered conversations during the months of June and July, with people of all ages, backgrounds, postcodes, and incomes to discover what we value as a people, and what is needed to create the more beautiful country and world our hearts tell us is possible.

To make this happen, we need help from people like you. Are you keen to help ensure diverse voices are heard? Can you help us recruit hosts and spread the word?


  • Host a Kai and Kōrero event with your community! This can be as simple as tea and a bicky.  But don’t let us hold you back :)

  • Actively promote Kai & Kōrero events within your network to help us recruit guests and hosts

The data that these conversations generate will form Te Ira Tāngata: The People’s Agenda for Aotearoa New Zealand. In July and August, we’ll work with independent policy experts, creatives, and tāngata whenua to combine citizen’s ideas with policy to create our people-powered plan for a fair and flourishing Aotearoa.

The Agenda will cover everything from what is needed to ensure everyone has a warm, dry home to what New Zealand can do to seize economic opportunities that lie ahead; what can we do to ensure New Zealand is an inclusive and welcoming place to live and what is the future of education?

Ready to commit? Please let us know a few details in this form. 

Once you apply - you will be sent more information and tools on how to host a conversation, or recruit other hosts.

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