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Become a Human Rights Champion

Photo credit: Laurelle Jones

One of the reasons ActionStation was founded was because some things are too important to be left to politicians. Standing up for a compassionate society and basic human rights is one of those things. 

When the moment struck and the world's attention turned towards the refugee crisis in Europe we were able to put all our energy towards making sure as a country we are doing our bit. We push our Government and showed that our actions can make a difference when we work together as they announced an emergency intake of refugees. 

But this is not the end. The Government has not yet made a decision on increasing our annual refugee quota. This is essential not only to ensure that New Zealand continues to do our bit in response to the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, but also to ensure that adequate resources are allocated - on an ongoing basis - to ensure refugees have the support they need to settle successfully into life in New Zealand. 

So our campaign continues - because if the government is serious about addressing this issue and saving lives then it must bring the planned review of the refugee quota forward and double the refugee quota immediately.

We're only ready to act and mobilise at a moments notice with the ongoing generous support of kiwi's like you. Will you become a Core Human Rights Champion and make regular contributions to help us build a better, fairer New Zealand and stand up for human rights? 

By becoming a core human rights champion we are able to dedicate more of our resources towards building a more compassionate society. As a movement we're approaching 100,000 members -- just imagine what we can do together when we have the resources to increase the impact of our movement over the long term. We're going to be powerful force that no politician can ignore and make sure everyone has basic human rights, like the right to live in a safe country. Become a core human rights champion now. 

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