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Together we've crowdfunded TPPA radio ads and an information website to raise awareness of this dodgy deal. We've rallied in the streets, sent 18,000+ emails to MPs, written to local media, signed petitions and participated in non-violent direct actions.

Imagine what we can do together, with a few more resources, over the next few months in the lead up to the US Election in November. We need to build a regular pool of funding so we can budget our fight to stop the TPPA. 

Here's what you'll be funding:

We will:

  • Create a short “cautionary tale” video message from Canadians to Kiwis. Canada is the most-sued country under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and a majority of the disputes involve investors challenging the country’s environmental laws.
  • Create a resource info pack for ActionStation members to make phone calls to MPs and write letters to local newspapers on TPPA;
  • Organise a clever stunt to keep TPPA in the national media;
  • Boost the reach of our website so that more and more New Zealanders can see exactly what this dodgy deal entails;
  • Run a targeted lobbying campaign to push swing MPs to vote against TPPA if it comes to a vote.

The TPPA is one of the hardest issues ActionStation members have ever taken on. Lots of people hear “trade deal” and their eyes glaze over. The acronyms and figures that fly out of the mouths of TPPA officials are designed to get people to switch off.

But when people like us hear what’s going on and choose to stand up, that changes everything. Over the last 18 months the TPPA has gone from zero public awareness to huge public outrage and that is thanks to people like you.

Help keep the fight going strong and become a regular donor today.

Who's donating: from New Zealand donated. Thank you!

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