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Chip in to send the #NoDAPL message to Citibank

Photo of water protectors that with banner that says: Defend the sacredJust days after his inauguration, Trump signed an executive order to plow ahead with the destructive North Dakota Access Pipeline.

With a stroke of his pen, Trump has chosen oil companies over indigenous Americans and a healthy planet.

Despite this devastating news, we can still help the courageous water protectors who have been putting their lives on the line to stop the pipeline. By continuing to target the projects’ funding, and cutting off the money supply we can make it impossible for the expensive pipeline to continue.

Last year, over 5,000 of you sent a message to Citibank New Zealand (Citibank are the ringleaders of the bank's financing the project) pressuring them to ditch its stake in the pipeline. 200 of you then went to Kiwibank branches to keep the pressure on (Kiwibank use Citibank for their international transactions).

It’s now time to take our message right to Citibank’s door.

Our plan is to print off the thousands of powerful messages you’ve written and post them to Citibank’s headquarters, staggered in bunches of 100 at a time, over the next few weeks. As piles of envelopes stream into Citibank’s post box week after week the staff won’t be able to ignore them. 

Together we can stand with indigenous Americans and say #NoDAPL

It’ll cost about $1000 to print and post 5,000 messages. 70c per stamp and roughly 30c per envelope, plus printing. If we raise more than the $1000 needed to post the messages, we’ll put that money towards Facebook ads boosting the campaign’s visibility and targeting anyone who “likes” the pages of, or works at Citibank. This is a trick the Trump campaign used with enormous success in the US election. Let’s use their tricks against them.

Will you chip in to help us send 5,000 messages? 

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  • Regular contributions give ActionStation the ability to plan effectively, allowing us to campaign for long-term progressive change. To become a Core Member by setting up a regular donation via PayPal, click the donate button to the right. If you would prefer to set up a recurring payment via internet banking, email us now: nina@actionstation.org.nz

  • Donation Policy

  • We want to be transparent and accountable about who we are, how we are funded and how we spend your donations - please get in touchif you've got a question or any feedback on how we present this information.  In short, we are a member led not-for-profit organisation working hard to bring democracy and fairness back to New Zealand. We model ourselves after our larger sister organisations such as GetUp and 38Degrees.

    Where does ActionStation get its money from?

    ActionStation is independent and member led - we don't accept money from government, political parties or big business.

    We rely on donations from our members to make our campaigns happen. From time to time we’ll ask our members to fund a specific campaign or a specific action (e.g. to pay for the costs of an advertisement or billboard). All donations generated by these are used for that specific project. If for any reason we are unable to spend the money on the action for which it was raised we give our members the option to get a refund, or to choose how they would like to have the money used instead.

    Since launching in 2014, we have also received some money from charitable trusts and foundations. The bulk of our start up funding came from Global Green Grants.

    We are a very lean organisation. Our staff team is small, with one sole purpose - to build and run winning campaigns on issues our members care about. Our operating budget is funded entirely by small donations from members.

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