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Save Campbell Live


More than 74,000 New Zealanders have signed our petition to save Campbell Live, and when we combined forces with two other smaller petitions we had a total of more than 90,000 signatures calling on MediaWorks to keep the show on air.

But when ActionStation campaigners showed up at the MediaWorks office to deliver those signatures, MediaWorks CEO Mark Weldon and Head of News Mark Jennings refused to receive them. 

So ActionStation members crowd-funded this beautiful video explaining why Campbell Live matters so much to so many New Zealanders, and offered TV3 good money to play it as an advertisement during the show. They refused to do that too. 

So we are going to put this video all over the internet! Most of us watch our news on the internet anyway, as it turns out. MediaWorks may refuse to meet us, but we plan to be impossible to ignore.

Chip in to put our member-funded video all over the internet. 

Though MediaWorks executives refused to meet our petition deliverers, John Campbell and the Campbell Live team came out to thank them - and thank you - for everything you are doing to help save this show.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about this campaign.

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